Lejay Casis (700ml)

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Tasting Notes: It was in 1841, in Dijon in the heart of Burgundy, that Auguste Denis Lagoute created the original Creme de Cassis. Henri Lejay, who married Elisabeth Lagoute, daughter of the founder, quickly made his mark in the family House. The Lejay and Lagoute families had
sealed their destinies. Since then, generation to generation have joyfully paid homage to
the nobility of the fruit.

The first Creme de Cassis in the world since 1841. 100% natural French ingredients (Noir
de Bourgogne & Black Down cassis). Traditional production process with the highest
quality standards of the industry. Original proprietary recipe, subtle yet complex fruit
flavor keeping full freshness. Very versatile liqueur, from wine to spirit cocktails. Iconic
bottle. This is Lejay Lagoute's world-famous Creme de Cassis de Dijon, made using the original 1841 recipe. It is intense and fresh with additional notes of cherry and plum. 

ABV: 18%