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Tasting Notes: The ideal white spirit made from 100% top quality Korean rice. Single vacuum-distilled at low temperatures for optimate aroma, taste, and smoothness.

Hwayo 41 offers a memorable experience with mellow yet intense flavours. Complex aroma and flavour dominated by floral, fruity, and cereal notes including grapefruit peel, red grape, radish, rice, cucumber and spruce.

Hwayo 41 is praised by spirit drinkers and adds an excellent twist to any cocktail that usually takes Gin or Vodka (e.g. Hwayo Negroni). Best enjoyed at room temperature, 41 goes well with well-cooked or strong flavoured dishes like Smoked duck, Rib, Eel, and Steak.

ABV: 41%

12 x 500ml + 1 x 500ml Free