Mitsutake Aka Torii Original Gin

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Tasting Notes: The Aka Torii Original is made from five botanicals: Juniper Berry, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Japanese Cedar, Japanese Tea.

The inclusion of cedar is a nice nod to the torii gate and shrine buildings, which are made from Japanese cedar wood. This combination of botanicals is said to give the gin a refreshing fruit aroma with herbaceous undertones for a “mysterious finish with subtle sweetness”.

Aka Torii (literally “Red Torii Gate”) takes its name from the famous red torii gate in the brewery’s hometown of Kashima City. Sadly, the gate was demolished in 2007 due to wear and tear, but it still lives on in the minds of locals as a proud symbol of the area.

Size: 700ml

Alcohol: 45%